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Facebook Live Pearl Party


Join us live on Facebook for a fun filled time of oyster shucking, games and just some plain old fellowship and fun. December  2019 Parties:

All times in Pacific Standard Time

Wednesday December 4 7:00pm

Saturday December 7 6:00 pm

Wednesday December 11 7:00 pm

Friday December 13 7:00 pm 

Saturday December  14 10:00 am

Saturday December  14 7:00 pm

Sunday December  15 12:00 pm 

Saturday December 28 10:00am


2000 Followers On Facebook


Everyone who Likes and Follows our Facebook  page will have their name entered into the draw . This draw  will happen the first facebook live after we reach 2000 followers😊😊  The  first 2000 followers on Facebook will get into the draw for $700.00 Pearl Hut Cash that can be used to purchase anything they choose in the store up to a $700.00 

Congratulations to Diane VanDoorn who won the leather purse on our 500 Likes giveaway.  

Mermaid Bingo


Mermaid bags 

Only 105.00 CAD For the Months of 

(Nov /Dec ONLY) 

Values for these months:

2x195.00, 1x200.00, 2x205.00, 2x210.00, 4x215.00, 4x220.00, 1x222.00, 5x225.00, 3x230.00, 4x235.00, 3x240.00, 6x245.00, 4x250.00, 3x255.00, 5x260.00, 2x265.00, 1x267.00, 2x270.00, 2x275.00, 1x280.00, 3x285.00, 2x290.00, 3x305.00, 2x310.00, 1x315.00, 1x317.00, 1x325.00, 1x345.00, 1x350.00, 1x365.00, 1x395.00,1x420.00.   

Customer Appreciation Draws 4 times per year


We value your business and we want to let you know how thankful we are.  On the last Saturday of November, February, May and August we hold our quarterly customer appreciation give a way.  Our next  customer appreciation give away will be on Saturday February 29,th  Live that starts at 6:00 pm  on our Facebook business page "The Pearl Hut .Com " 

Every purchase you make gets you into the draw.  You may even get some bonus entries.  

Our February  Customer Appreciation is draw is for  $600.00 in Pearl Hut Cash to spend on what ever you want in the store!!!

Share the Love/Watch the love draws


Each month we say thank you so much for sharing our business publicly  with others.  We have 3 draws every month.

1.Show the love Draw (Get entered by sharing our facebook video's Publicly ) This months prize is $50.00 Pearl Hut Cash

2. Watch the love Draw (Get entered by hosting a watch party on our facebook video)  This month's draw is for $100.00 Pearl Hut Cash

3.Affiliate Posting Draw.  Every month we will do a draw for $200.00 in Pearl Hut Cash.   Anyone who does an affiliate post for us will get $20.00 in Pearl Hut Cash and get entered into the monthly draw .  

email if you are interested in being an affiliate.

Upcoming Markets


Nothing right now but we will keep you informed.